Make your own sign from the comfort of your home! Choose from a design above and I will send you all of the materials needed to paint your own sign! Choose up to three paint colors, either one as a background color and two accents or if you wish to keep your background the natural wood color, you can choose one, two or three paint colors to use. Comes unfinished and made of 1/4" maple board. Available in a variety different shapes: Moon, Anchor, Egg, each measuring between approximately 10"-11" tall, Apple with Books 11.5"x9.5", Dinosaur 11.5"x6.5", Maltese Cross 11.5"x11.5", Graduation Cap 11.5"x6", Mason Jar 11.5"x6.5", Pencil 11.5"x3", Badge 11.5"x9", Rainbow 11.5"x5.5", Tulip 11.5"x11", Umbrella 11.5"x10", Unicorn 11.5"x10"


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Take and Make Wood Cut Out Sign Kit

Sign Shape
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